A Guide to the New Style of Accommodation – Serviced Apartments

Let me paint a picture of what a perfect vacation could be like. Imagine waking up to a hot cup of coffee made by your love. You enjoy a casual chat on the balcony as the sunlight gently caresses your face. Your kids crawl up to you half-asleep and lay themselves beside you on the comfortable couch in the living room. You chill about the place, setting a schedule at your own pace. As the evening falls, the entire family enters the kitchen for a culinary adventure. The air fills with sounds of laughter and the wonderful aroma as you sit down to treat yourself to your favourite food freshly cooked. After the delicious dinner, the kids call it a movie night. They get themselves settled in front of the television while you gift yourselves some romance on the balcony under the moonlight! Well, well…if that sounds swell to you, this is a piece for you to read.


Are you looking to plan a perfect vacation for your family? Are you a travel lover who would love some privacy? Or are you a frequent business traveller who is tired of the cramped hotel spaces? A Serviced apartment is the ideal choice of stay for you. Serviced apartments are quite the kids in the hospitality sector however, they are gaining immense popularity amidst travellers and tourists for their unparalleled comfort at pocket-friendly prices.

Serviced Apartments are broadly classified into two categories. One is the typical apartment building with the flats let out for guests and a manager at their service during their stay. The other choice is popularly referred to as a Homestay. At a homestay, you can enjoy the privilege of being a solo guest or one among the very few guests at the owner’s residence. You can enjoy personal assistance round the clock from the friendly owners. And the cherry on the cake would be the highly economical fares charged for such attractive accommodation.

An Insight into the Amenities:

Let’s touch on the amenities offered at a serviced apartment. You can expect all the basics such as reception, a help desk, room service, laundry and food to order if you wish to do so. The additional comforts you can look forward to are a fully functional kitchen, a comfortable living room and most often, a nice cosy balcony too. Not to forget, the very inviting privacy that every traveller loves to have. In serviced apartments directly managed by the owners, you can also enjoy a very cordial host-guest relationship throughout your stay.

Hitting the end of the blog, here’s a small titbit about service apartments in Coimbatore. If you’re currently looking for rooms in Coimbatore, read on. There are innumerable Luxury Serviced Apartments in Coimbatore. You could also consider Furnished Serviced Apartments for rent in Coimbatore in case of an extended stay. These apartments also offer monthly rental rooms in Coimbatore for long stays extending over a couple of months. With so many options to choose from in Coimbatore, room booking can become quite tedious. Well, as a suggestion, I would urge you to visit http://www.cornerstay.com to check out one of the finest serviced apartments in Coimbatore.

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